My FEST 13 Itinerary

Thursday (10/30) - Durty Nellie’s

This is part of the unofficial Pre-Fest in Gainesville. I’ll be doing an acoustic solo set of my own music. This show will likely start around 7pm, but I’m still waiting for exact details. I’m working on making this a #drinkingfromfruit event.

Friday (10/31) - Paramount Hotel Pool Party

I’ll be welcoming guests of the Paramount (or anyone who wants to attend, this event is open to all fest goers!) with an acoustic covers set of The Front Bottoms. I’ll go on at 2:10-2:40, with bands/artists playing up until FEST proper begins at 6PM.

Sunday (11/2) - Durty Nellie’s

This is my “official” FEST 13 set, and it’ll be with a full band, playing songs from my new record The Blue Eagle. It’s at 12:40-1:10, and there is little else happening to conflict with it, so please start your last day at FEST by coming to check us out. I’d love to meet a ton of folks after the set!

You can always verify that nothing has changed with the full FEST schedule.